Communications: Operational efficiency

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Achieve operational and service excellence

Transform your telecom operations into a flexible, lower-cost, global system enabling you to respond quickly to market changes. To increase operational efficiency, you need technology solutions that help you:

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    A vision for operations transformation
    Streamline business processes to reduce costs and better serve your customers.

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    Successful CSPs are transforming operations for greater agility
    Increase your competitiveness by providing innovative service and support at much lower costs.

70% of global CSP executives agree that IT systems and infrastructure are key areas for leveraging synergies. Source IBM Globally Integrated Enterprise Study, 2014.

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Operations support system (OSS) transformation

Transform the processes and systems comprising your network and IT infrastructure to improve service quality and simplify support. Using an extensive portfolio of services and technologies, you can integrate siloed data, eliminate duplicate functions, monitor and manage network performance, automate problem resolution and proactively perform system maintenance. Improving the productivity of your operations support systems enables you to reduce costs, attain service level commitments, and respond faster to market changes.

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Successful CSPs are transforming operations for greater agility

Aircell increased service usage 50X with minimal staff increase using proactive network monitoring

Business support system (BSS) transformation

Connect your business support systems to your two key assets - your customers and your network. Using open, flexible and standards-based offerings underpinned by analytics, you can better integrate your ordering, fulfillment, billing and customer support functions to drive improved business efficiency and customer care. And for CSPs making the shift to becoming Digital Service Providers, you can enable tighter linkage with front-office functions including marketing, channels and the web. Leveraging insights derived enables you to identify new market opportunities faster, improve time-to-market for products and services, and deliver rich, immersive customer experiences.

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Telstra and IBM team to repair damaged infrastructure after epic flood

Globally integrated enterprise & Enterprise transformation

Examine how back-office and front-office functions are performed across your enterprise and identify those that will return the greatest benefit by having standard processes and systems and by being centralized into a lower cost center. Using best practices, alternative sourcing models, global placement recommendations and new technologies such as cloud, you can realize greater global productivity and lower operational costs.

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Global integration: Why it is critical for international CSPs

Information management transformation

Put information to work for your organization and use the insights you gain from structured and unstructured data to optimize your business. By building a common information platform and applying appropriate governance practices, you can create a single, trusted source of information. Leveraging that information through advanced analytics helps you identify opportunities to improve your customer experience across all channels, manage churn, detect fraud, launch new products, increase regulatory compliance and perform more accurate planning and budgeting.

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Harness the power of data and analytics to maximize the value of each customer

Vodafone Hungary boosts sales using predictive analytics