Communications: Network optimization

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Create more intelligent, secure and scalable networks that easily adapt to increasing data demands and customer expectations. By leveraging competencies in cloud, security and analytics, you can drive greater convergence of network and IT, simplify support and reduce costs.

  • Create an agile infrastructure. Watch video (YouTube, 00:04:44)

    Beyond virtualisation - infrastructure agility from IBM
    Gain insight into how CSPs can go beyond network virtualisation and drive digital innovation enabled by infrastructure agility.

  • Infrastructure agility enabled by cloud-based networking

    Infrastructure agility enabled by cloud-based networking
    Learn why cloud-based networking is foundational to enhancing service and unlocking revenue opportunities.

  • Cloud Based Networking Whitepaper (PDF, 140KB)

    Cloud Based Networking Whitepaper
    Reduce costs and rapidly adapt to change by implementing cloud based networking.

  • Network transformation infographic (PDF, 73KB)

    Network transformation infographic
    Enabling innovation and speed with Infrastructure Agility

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Operations support system (OSS) transformation

Transform the processes and systems comprising your network and IT infrastructure to improve service quality and simplify support. Using an extensive portfolio of services and technologies, you can integrate siloed data, eliminate duplicate functions, monitor network performance, and automate problem resolution. By applying advanced analytics to your network data, you can predict network events and proactively perform system maintenance. Transforming to a real-time OSS environment enables you to improve network performance, drive up service level compliance, and respond faster to market changes.

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Network transformation

Create more nimble network planning and operations functions using emerging technologies, cloud-based architectures that are standards complaint, and advanced network and service analytics. By fully leveraging physical and virtual network capabilities, you can improve the user experience across your fixed and wireless infrastructure, drive up network capacity and performance, and reduce costs.

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Cloud for IT agility

Modernize your IT architecture and applications to support demanding workloads and simplify development, deployment and support. Using capabilities that include: data center cloud infrastructure, hybrid clouds, IBM managed clouds, delivery and aggregation platforms, partner ecosystem programs, and integration and outsourcing services, you can dramatically reduce capital expenditures while delivering greater capacity and scalability.

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