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Attract, retain and engage customers by employing a more digital approach to your customer interactions. By offering new cloud and mobility services, providing a single, unified experience across all channels, and delivering relevant offers, dynamic pricing and innovative payment models based on deep customer and network insights, you can you create long-lasting customer relationships.

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    The CSP's roadmap to becoming a digital service provider

    Learn how CSPs maximize new revenue sources and business models in the future is to become a digital service provider.

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    Solutions for digital service providers
    Gain insights on the importance of Digital Transformation, Interactive Customer Experience and Digital Customer Engagement for CSPs.

  • Three actions CSPs must take to derive value from social business.

    Three actions CSPs must take to derive value from social business
    Drive workforce productivity, speed innovation and create engaged customers using social approaches.

  • Customer Value Infographic (PDF, 57KB)

    Customer Value Infographic
    Broaden the customer relationship with analytics driven precision.

  • Keeping telecom on target
    Learn how CSPs can tap the transformative power of data and analytics.


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Cloud and mobile solutions for enterprise

Generate new revenue by providing cloud and mobility services to your enterprise customers. Through a comprehensive portfolio of cloud capabilities - including data center cloud infrastructure, managed cloud services, delivery and aggregation platforms, and partner ecosystem programs - you can enter or expand your business of connecting the "Internet of Things”. Through IBM MobileFirst capabilities, you can help your enterprise customers develop and manage mobile applications, support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, and enable machine-to-machine and machine-to-application communications in support of connected homes, connected vehicles, remote health care and more.

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Omni-channel experience and digital front office

Transform siloed web, point-of-sale, mobile and call center applications into an integrated shopping environment enabling customers to research, buy, track, receive and return purchases wherever, whenever and however they choose By leveraging multi-channel commerce capabilities, you can capture virtually all customer interactions regardless of channel, analyze customer behaviors in order to optimize digital experiences, provide inventory visibility across your supply network, and dynamically source inventory from the most optimal locations. Optimizing your multi-channel capabilities can lead to higher customer satisfaction due to a consistent brand experience across channels, improved channel performance, and reduced operating costs.

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Intelligent campaigns and customer value optimization

Implement a campaign management system that lets you collect and analyze data on real-time customer behaviors - including usage patterns, customer service calls, website history, and social and mobile interactions - and then deliver personalized, timely and relevant promotions to specific customer segments. Monitor results on business dashboards and optimize campaigns in real time. With this level of customer intelligence, you can launch new campaigns and promotions faster and with greater effectiveness which can help increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

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Create mobile coupons and other smart campaigns by analyzing big data in real-time