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Deliver a compelling marketing, shopping, and service experience

Understand your customers, engage them in personalized experiences, and deliver on every interaction so they become your advocates. Using technology solutions that put your customer at the heart of your marketing, sales and service operation, you can:

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    Engage your customers with the help of big data and analytics
    Deeply understand your customers so you can deliver relevant, timely, intelligent communications.

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    Three actions CSPs must take to derive value from social business
    Learn how using social approaches can drive workforce productivity, speed innovation and create engaged customers.

83% of telecommunications CEOs identified customer insight as the most critical investment. Source: IBM Global C-suite Study. 2013

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Digital engagement optimization

Understand how your customers are interacting with your web, mobile, and social channels and use that information to create more useful and personalized experiences. Using tools that allow you to examine real-time customer behavior along with customer profile information, you can dynamically adjust content and offers based on user actions, automate up-sell, cross-sell and retargeting programs, determine where to best allocate new marketing spend, and uncover areas in need of improvement. By delivering more tailored digital experiences you can drive greater customer engagement and loyalty.

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Optimize the customer experience in real time

Personalized multi-channel sales and services

Transform siloed web, point-of-sale, mobile and call center applications into an integrated shopping environment enabling customers to research, buy, track, receive and return purchases wherever, whenever and however they choose By leveraging multi-channel commerce capabilities, you can capture virtually all customer interactions regardless of channel, analyze customer behaviors in order to optimize digital experiences, provide inventory visibility across your supply network, and dynamically source inventory from the most optimal locations. Optimizing your multi-channel capabilities can lead to higher customer satisfaction due to a consistent brand experience across channels, improved channel performance, and reduced operating costs.

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U.S. Cellular personalizes sales with help of advanced modeling

Intelligent campaigns and customer value optimization

Implement a campaign management system that lets you collect and analyze data on real-time customer behaviors - including usage patterns, customer service calls, website history, and social and mobile interactions - and then deliver personalized, timely and relevant promotions to specific customer segments. Monitor results on business dashboards and optimize campaigns in real time. With this level of customer intelligence, you can launch new campaigns and promotions faster and with greater effectiveness which can help increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

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Create mobile coupons and other smart campaigns by analyzing big data in real-time