CASE STUDY: Dow Chemicals

Company reduces risk by gaining tight control over use, maintenance and capital projects

Dow Chemical works with IBM to increase space capacity use, improve capital planning, manage real estate leases, streamline operations, and reduce energy consumption in facilities throughout the enterprise.

  • 20% increase in facility use
  • $4 million saved per year
  • $200 million facility-related cost savings for relocation project
Dow Chemicals

CASE STUDY: EP Petroecuador

Analytics reduce key asset maintenance costs to help prevent equipment failures

The organization’s comprehensive new solution helps technicians analyze failure patterns across specific asset classes to better predict where and when to replace parts before they fail.

EP Petroecuador

CASE STUDY: Santos Ltd

Predictive and prescriptive analytics in oil and gas

Santos developed predictive models that ingest data from SCADA-connected assets and many other sources, giving early warning of potential failures and opportunities to improve uptime and production.

  • AUD 10 million in savings per year


Asset Analytics for Rotational Equipment

Watch as several scenarios demonstrate how IBM Analytics Chemicals and Petroleum solution can provide the deep, rich insights needed to make the right decisions.

CASE STUDY: Becker Underwood

Becker Underwood creates a more intelligent supply chain with IBM business analytics

See how Becker Underwood is using IBM Business Analytics to transform its data and create a more intelligent supply chain to optimize inventory.

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