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Big Data and Analytics

IBM Analytics provides the first and only end-to-end ecosystem of data, analytics and cognitive capabilities and expertise. Turn data into valuable insights and make confident decisions faster. Integrate analytics into business processes for better customer service, new revenue generation, cost reduction, and improved governance, risk and compliance management. With cognitive analytics capabilities from IBM, you can understand what happened, what will happen and what should happen.


As one of the world’s leading research organizations and top contributors to open source projects, IBM is committed to transforming how people, governments and businesses transact and interact. We provide clients with the capabilities to design, build, and rapidly adopt distributed ledgers, digital identity, and blockchain solutions that leverage IBM global scale, business domain expertise, and deep cloud integration experience. Learn more about us at ibm.com/blockchain and more about the Linux Hyperledger Project at hyperledger.org

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive systems can understand unstructured information such as images, natural language and sounds. These systems learn from books, emails, tweets, journals, blogs and videos. They unlock meaning by reasoning through the data, providing new contexts to weigh and consider. Cognitive systems are always learning and incorporating your own expertise to allow for more immediate, more informed decision-making. These systems are dissolving barriers between humans and machine, and fueling unique user experiences.

Customer Experience

The right experience at the perfect moment can delight customers, grow relationships and build loyalty. Fueled by real-time insights and the cognitive power of Watson™, IBM solutions can help optimize marketing, sales and customer service to help you know what your customers want before they do. Forecast the future and integrate with partners to create a synchronized, predictive value chain in real time. That’s the power of cognitive.


Cognitive security systems look beyond predefined security parameters by interpreting data, gathering information from virtually every interaction, weighing probabilities and improving decision-making by considering all relevant variables. These systems search for vulnerabilities, connect the dots, detect variances and sift through billions of events to build a base of actionable insights by researching reports, web text, threat data and other security-relevant structured and unstructured data – just like security professionals do every day – but at a scale like we’ve never seen before.

Enterprise Digitization

Simplify complexity, modernize technology, streamline processes and improve time to market with IBM Enterprise Digitization solutions. Transform your business and operating models and their underlying technologies to respond to the threat of disruption from new competitors. Become more customer centric by enabling them to interact seamlessly across channels. Expand business value chains by building an ecosystem of partners to provide end-to-end solutions to the customer, taking full advantage of Cloud and the API economy. All of these enable delivery of new business capabilities and increased profitability.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud provides a set of consistent, open, powerful choices across the cloud spectrum that help satisfy the varied needs of banks’ apps and data. It helps integrate, manage and secure hybrid environments so banks can operate in an integrated, seamless way. IBM Bluemix provides the platform, methodology, expertise and education enabling multiple builders to participate in agile cloud development while leveraging the API economy to drive differentiation. Additionally, every IBM cloud is a cognitive cloud with cognitive APIs and advanced data, analytics and cognitive toolboxes

IBM DevOps

Embrace the DevOps approach to software-driven innovation to become more agile, to capitalize on digital investments and to build engaging customer experiences. DevOps helps collapse cultural barriers between business leaders and the IT and operations teams, enabling banks to rapidly build and market new digital services, experiment with disruptive innovations, and continuously assess user feedback to align with expectations and demand. The IBM DevOps solution provides the methods, tools and infrastructure necessary to implement, integrate and scale-up rapid software innovation across an enterprise.

IBM Global Financing

IBM Global Financing is helping firms in the banking industry invest in building the systems that turn insight into a strategic driver to attract and retain clients, develop new sources of revenue, streamline operations and proactively address risk and regulatory requirements. Our customized financing options can help you preserve cash and lines of credit for other strategic initiatives, align the timing of project expenditures with anticipated benefits and ease pressures on key financial metrics such as free cash flow and liquidity.

IT Infrastructure

In today's world of cloud, mobile, social and analytics, banks need to digitize their business to seize new opportunities and defend against disruption. IBM Infrastructure can become a bank’s digital backbone by helping strategically fuse established and emerging technologies to deliver greater flexibility and control. IBM IT Infrastructure solutions and services help banks maximize technology strengths by delivering a set of global infrastructure and systems management services that range from assessment, strategy and design, to implementation and operational services.

Payments and Transaction Services

Today’s financial institutions are being challenged to confirm and clear payments within seconds. These new immediate payment initiatives demand the discovery of fraud attempts before the payment is executed. IBM Financial Transaction Manager along with IBM Safer Payments offers a converged, real-time payments engine with cognitive counter fraud capabilities that can accelerate the implementation of faster payment initiatives while retaining legacy systems where needed. These tools deliver best-in-class fraud detection with drastically reduced false positives.

Risk and Compliance

To meet new challenges associated with regulatory compliance, banks need enterprise-level solutions that assist in reducing the impact of noncompliance while also managing exposure to current and emerging regulations. IBM® Regulatory Compliance Analytics powered by Watson™ allows a bank to parse regulations and identify potential obligations that need to be addressed. Additionally, IBM has a broad portfolio of enterprise-risk solutions that leverage the latest tools, data governance and analytics including offerings for Financial Risk, Counter Fraud and Financial Crimes, Operational Risk and IT Risk.

Securities Settlement

To reduce settlement carrying costs and risks, settlement institutions strive to clear securities transactions in near-real-time while simultaneously matching thousands of trades. IBM provides solutions to accelerate and improve clearing and settlement operations and analytics to deliver high performance monitoring of both processes and transaction data. IBM is also a core member of the Linux Foundation’s blockchain project called Hyperledger and is working with a number of financial services companies, including securities exchanges, towards leveraging blockchain to optimize securities trading and settlement.

Treasury Services

Meet the growing demand for flexible, powerful real-time liquidity and cash management services with IBM Treasury Services solutions including cash management products and services, trade finance and financial supply chain, debt and investment management and liquidity management. IBM provides services that assist with automation, process optimization, financial supply chain analytics and international expansion. These offerings are tailored to fit each client’s unique requirements, while supporting individual corporate culture and existing technologies and processes.

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