IBM at Money20/20

October 23-26, 2016 | The Venetian, Las Vegas

Thank you for visiting us at Money20/20! We hope that you were able to participate in our Booth Theater sessions. If you’d like to learn more, download our white papers or watch our videos made available to you here!

Making Payments Safer

Branded rich mobile checkout for merchants and retailers

Understanding Cognitive Banking

The cognitive bank
Decoding data to bolster growth and transform the enterprise

Financial Services Thought Leadership

IBM Institute for Business Value found that 15% of banking organizations expect to have a commercial blockchain solution in 2017.

Podcast banking

Financial institutions should consider rapidly transforming business models in ways that are cognitive and digital.

Payment companies report that IBM Safer Payments significantly reduces fraud losses while keeping false alarms to a minimum. This new approach services all payment channels.

Podcast banking

In light of the fact that the US Federal Trade Commission in 2015 recorded more than 37,000 consumer complaints of credit card theft and nearly half a million complaints of identity theft, any move to faster processing begs the question: Do faster payment transactions lead to faster fraud?

Thought Starters

Solutions for the cognitive era.

Payments and Transaction Services

Modernize payment operations while retaining critical legacy systems with a converged, real-time payments engine and cognitive counter fraud capabilities.


Strengthen your defenses with cognitive solutions that understand, reason and learn about constantly-evolving threats.


Establish trust and improve transparency while streamlining online transaction processes.

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