"We have improved our capabilities and can take on new customers quicker, supporting rapid growth."

Armin Gerhardt

CEO, ABK Systeme


Quickly and efficiently tailor payment services to fit your clients’ needs. Stay relevant with automation, process optimization, and international expansion that supports corporate culture, existing technologies, and processes.

How it works

By using a modern, real-time payment engine and integrating your payment operations into a single platform, you can:

  • Streamline payments and financial transaction processing, and achieve cost reduction
  • Transform and modernize traditional legacy payment systems
  • Address the needs for treasury management, cash management, and trade finance
  • Reduce complexity and manual processes, simplify bringing on-board customers, and protect internal processing from external format changes and evolution
  • Discover customer insights and internal efficiencies with transaction and customer data
  • Improve monitoring and tracking of all financial transaction and payments to allow for better reporting to interested parties
  • Reduce time to market in distributing new customized products and services to corporate customers using a business rule based approach

The benefits

IBM commercial payments solutions offers a modern, real-time payments engine that delivers consistent processing across multiple payment types, enabling banks to converge their payment operations onto a single platform.

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