Convert new customers and engage with your current ones through sophisticated analytics of information integrated from multiple channels.

How it works

By integrating information and data across multiple channels and using sophisticated analytics tools to build a comprehensive view of your customer, you can:

  • Develop a relevant and consistent experience across all channels
  • Leverage and manage your brand in a digital, web-based world
  • Engage each customer and prospect in a one-to-one dialogue across channels
  • Use sophisticated analytical tools to make informed decisions & identify trends
  • Use deep knowledge about your customer base to identify and implement new revenue streams

How you benefit

With Smarter Automotive Commerce, you’ll get a holistic view of customers across multiple channels, improve conversions from digital to sales, create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to increase the value of the average deal, and improve brand loyalty.

Meet our Automotive experts

Russell Gowers

Russell Gowers

Global Solution Leader for Transform Automotive Retail

Dennis Ephlin

Dennis Ephlin

Auto CoC, SME Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Smarter Marketing Global Business Services

Thorsten Lohmeyer

Thorsten Lohmeyer

Associate Partner - GBS Automotive Industry, Global Business Services

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