"We have traditionally been very good in reactive reporting. Now, the big area that has been the trigger for analytics has been within the predictive maintenance area."

Peter Wallin

BI Solution Architect, Volvo Group


Detect patterns of failure before they happen, and plan for them. This allows you the time needed for re-scheduling resources, acquiring spare parts, and adjusting production plans to help avoid downtime.

How it works

In order to optimize product quality and asset utilization based on integration of existing local and available ecosystem data, we help you:

  • Create dynamic production lines
  • Move Smart products autonomously from one CPS-enabled processing module to another
  • Dynamically reconfigure production lines
  • Create management system to optimize working capital
  • Optimize distribution network to reduce overall cost

How you benefit

Our solution is designed to help you achieve innovation in inventory management, and particularly for distributing key components to the appropriate location at the right time.

Meet our Automotive experts

Brett Hillhouse

Brett Hillhouse

WW Industry leader

Thomas Bartsch

Thomas Bartsch

Senior Managing Consultant - Global Automotive CoC - Embedded Systems, Aftersales, Connected Car

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