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Capitalize on service opportunities presented by the increasing demand for intelligent, connected vehicles. By leveraging the wealth of data generated by vehicle sensors, vehicle applications and driver interactions, you can make insight-driven improvements to your marketing, sales, service and product development functions, personalize and deepen customer relationships, and increase revenue by developing differentiated value-add services

  • Advancing mobility

    Advancing mobility

    Explore the challenges and opportunities with new mobility models in this survey of 123 executives from various segments of the auto industry.

By 2020, 90% of new cars will feature a built-in connectivity platform, growing from less than 10% today. Source: Machina Research, 2013

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V2X architecture

Combine data from vehicles, devices and systems into an integrated data platform to enable a range of innovative solutions that deliver greater safety, service and convenience. Using a big data and analytics platform based on open standards, along with cloud and mobile technologies, new services and business models are possible that can provide drivers with the same connectivity, interactivity, personalization and intelligence they have come to expect from other smart devices.

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Vehicle monitoring and data services

Collect and analyze large volumes of in-vehicle and repair data in order to predict and prevent problems before they result in mechanical failure. Using a comprehensive vehicle telematics system and predictive analytics, you can identify problems more quickly, reduce unplanned maintenance, improve customer service, lower warranty costs through more accurate diagnoses, and offer diagnostic services tailored to each vehicle/owner.

Vehicle security

Infuse security into every step of the vehicle lifecycle – from design to production, and through your supply chain and maintenance ecosystem. Using a security model called Design, Build, Drive that leverages best practices and cutting-edge technology, you can detect and mitigate attempted attacks on vehicle control and telematics systems, ensure secure integration with third-party service providers, and deliver the safety, privacy and convenience that consumers expect of today’s connected vehicles.

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Driving security: Cyber assurance for next-generation vehicles

Explore the risk points across the automotive lifecycle that must be addressed to ensure driver safety, security and information privacy.
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