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Transform your retail business with engaging brand experiences that strengthen your customer relationships, drive profitable growth and build competitive advantage.

IBM Smarter Consumer Study

Consumers are asking for tomorrow, today

The IBM Smarter Consumer Study surveyed 1,822 Australian consumers about their expectations of retailers.

IBM retail solutions guide

Why Cloud is a vital differentiator for retailers

IBM retail solutions guide

Extend brand value, deepen customer relationships and offer differentiated assortment.

Why Cloud is a vital differentiator for retailers

Learn how cloud computing can help you leverage big data, accelerate innovation and reduce IT costs. improved page load times up to 55% with web server consolidation. Learn more.
Elie Tahari  predicted customer orders 4 months in advance with 97% accuracy using analytics. Learn more.
Great Tiger cut quarterly budgeting cycle by 85% with integrated planning and analysis solution. Learn more.

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Anita Malhotra

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Address your critical business needs:

Understand, connect and engage your customers to deliver personalised shopping experiences


Customers expect personalisation and want a one-on-one relationship with your brand. Harness the vast amounts of customer data available to create a single view of each customer, find patterns and deliver more relevant promotions - both online and in-store.

Build an efficient merchanding and supply network to anticipate and meet the demands of empowered customers


Technology can help you better understand complex, overlapping variables like consumer trends, demographics, seasonality and vendor limitations. With smarter merchandising and a more agile supply network, you can successfully match customers to offers and deliver merchandise with greater efficiency, transparency and accountability.

Transform and optimise operations to improve performance and operational efficiency


Operations that are fluid, flexible and integrated drive benefits that go right to the bottom line. Today's efficient and highly-secure tools, technologies and services can improve your procurement, finance, administration, HR, budgeting, IT and business management functions.

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